Monday, July 7, 2014

Hear Me

What side do you choose if neither of them represents Jesus? 

I'm sick of the false dichotomy. You either have to ignore or reinterpret how the Bible clearly says homosexual acts are wrong and fall short of what God created us to be or you have to be a heartless jerk in the midst of a culture war to keep out homosexual influence. Can we serve a God who is holy beyond our understanding, and loving beyond our wildest imagination. Can we love like him?

I had a couple of friends with same-sex attraction in my Bible college. They were rejected. The Church as they knew it chewed them up and spit them out. One guy completely walked away from Jesus. He will not experience eternal life with us, not because he's gay, but because he is not with Jesus. And that is our fault.

Somewhere along the way we said "I'm not without sin, but the sin I struggle with isn't nearly as bad as the one they struggle with." And we picked up stones. But we didn't realize that when we threw the stones, we were striking ourselves in the process.My friends lost out because of what we did to them. But we lost too. We do not get the benefit of their gifts, their insight, what they add to the body of Christ.

Colby describes the struggle Christians face in the video. "It's easy to get on a soapbox and yell, but it's difficult to get involved in someone's messy life and walk with them through that." Let's take the hard road. Let's walk with our brothers and sisters through their messy struggles, not from a place of judgement, but as equals, joint heirs in the Kingdom of God.

Please watch Colby's story and pass it on. It is thirty minutes of your time well spent. There are more than two ways to approach this divisive issue. Let's stop using people as political arguments. Let's change the conversation about homosexuality.

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